Elevate Your Butt &
Your Bank Account
Live Workshop Recording
Let me let you in on a little secret: the health and vibrancy of your pelvis DIRECTLY influences your bank account, the amount of money you can generate, the new ideas, programs and products you can birth, and how grounded and stable you feel in your business and life.

Because stability, flow and birthing start in your pelvis.

The human design is genius. It's through the pelvis where babies are born, where we pee and poop, and where we have sex. The pelvis supports all of our organs and is the connector between the top and bottom of our bodies. It helps us be both flexible and stable.

So... if you want to birth a new project, business, or offering OR have greater financial flow in your life OR feel supported and grounded no matter what - embody your pelvis and see results instantly.

I know this may sound crazy, but trust me when I say, this stuff works.

When you can understand and experience the fundamental brilliant design of your pelvis, the amount of flow that can run through you will massively multiply. I'm talking money flow, vision flow, and love flow.

In this 4 hour highly interactive workshop, we’ll be diving into the creation center, the pelvis. After you've experienced this Workshop, you'll be feeling clear, focused, and ready to generate the growth and potential in your business and life that you’ve been wanting AND your butt will look amazing. We’re going to tone and lift and you will leave feeling slimmer and sexier.

Watching the replay is JUST as powerful as being there live and your results will prove it. You will feel like you’re right there with me.

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"That was an amazing workshop! I feel so calm and at peace. The more I move and dive into embodiment, the more I become aware of the infinite beauty of my own body. I'm literally falling in looove with my body and with myself!!"
-Anna LaRoche
Of all the books I've read, meditations I've sat through, teachers I've listened to, journals I've written in, and healers I've been touched by, no one has helped me feel more than Laura. The web of body and galaxy and cells is unlike anything I've ever experienced. She helped me awaken my cells and my body, and feel the difference between "getting by" and truly LIVING - Michelle Kabler
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